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Who is the strategic planner?

Yes, I am a strategic planner, and now I would like to explain my professional role.

The strategic planner is one of the newest professions in the digital communicazion industry.

The first time there is talk about the strategic planner has been in the sixties in London.

Today the strategic planner is the person that analyses the consumers, or better said the society, and provides the way of communication for brands and markets.

Following this deep analysis the strategic planner starts exploring the creative and communication dynamics and chooses the right channels and words in order to create relationships between consumers and brand.

In few words, the strategic planner is the consumer’s spokesman, in fact he has the ability to analyze and interprets the mechanisms that regulate current and emerging consumption behaviour.

The strategic planner also analyzes the social contest and the competitive set. This to elaborate a communication strategy that creates a meeting pont between brand and consumers.

A big part of strategic planning consistes of monitoring trends, people tastes, and future developments.

The task of the strategic planner is to use all informations, interpretations, insights that are born out of the analysis to define the right communication strategy that could be in line with the brand values.

Therefore, the strategic planner is link between consumers and brand.

What are the features of a strategic planner?

Usually he is a curious person with a high degree of emphaty and sensibility towards people. He spends a lot of time exploring new things and trends.

He reads a lot, he thinks, has a vocation for multi-frameworks, loves technology and has the knowledge of a lot of platforms. He doesn’t confine himself describing what he is sees but interprets it to put into the brand strategy with the aim to create guidelines to creatives and customers.

The strategic planner combines all the above mentioned with business dynamic knowledge and future markets to help the brand to consolidate its market position.

So… do you think you need a strategic planner?

Kind Italian Regards!



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