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Mobile App is not the future, it is the present!

The future is now? No, just the time for your mobile app!

A lot of people say “mobile is the future”: false, it is already our present. If you think mobile is the future, you’re living in the past.

Today I want to explain to you why mobile is so important and how an app could fit into your customer engagement strategy.

What do you mean with “mobile”?

We I talk about “mobile”, I refer to both mobile web and mobile apps, so I refer to all the tools people can use today with their smartphones or tablets.

The first rule is: “more people use mobile than desktop” and mobile app usage surpassed website usage a while ago.

Don’t you trust in me? Check your smartphone usage time, almost 80% of the time you spent in apps.

To support my idea I show to you a chat showing how app time has been increasing every year:

usage time mobile app

Summing up: a lot of people are using mobile devices and they are spending a lot of time in apps.

And I am sure that you know the importance of mobile, in fact, for sure, your website is mobile ready, but what about an app?

Do you know that an app could be a precious tool to improve your relationship with your customers? Yes because it increases the ways you can connect with them.


A mobile app gives you features you can’t get from your website, like push notifications and fast access to your content.

In other words I am sure that you would like  a piece of that 80% of device time that your potential customers spend in apps, you would love having your brand logo on their home screen and pushing notifications vibrating in their pockets

Are you curious to find out more? We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android, please contact us to have more info about your mobile app!

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