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Influencer, which one is the right one for your brand?

Influencer, which one should you choose for your brand?

We often hear talk about influencers, people that eat and travel for free in exchange of some posts on social networks.
Unfortunately, I have to give you a bad news: it doesn’t work like this!
Influencer marketing is one of the many Digital PR activities. These activities are used by the brand to create social network engagement.
The influencer is that person who expresses opinions about brand products after having tried them, paying attention not to transmit messages that are not aligned with brand values.
Therefore, the influencer is not just a person that travels or eats for free, his role is essential for a brand and more often, for entire sectors. He can influence consumers and their ideas about a product or a brand.
The main goal for this professional role is not just to create engagement but to build customer loyalty, improve brand awareness and consequently, increase sales.

How to choose the right influencer for your brand?

It is not easy to choose the right influencer for your brand. You have to think of the influencer as a part of a bigger strategy and analyse his data in depth.
Don’t choose the influencer that has more fans, but the influencer that has better fans for your brand, especially the one that has the highest number of your potential customers.

Note: the fans number is not the only variable that needs to be analysed.

  • Which are the most important factors to consider when it comes to select an influencer for your brand?
  • Which kind of post-blogs does he write?
  • What are his fans reactions?
  • How often does he interact with his audience
  • Which are the post-blogs with more engagement?

Which are the advantages of an influencer marketing advantages?

My first suggestion is to have a clear strategy in mind: start identifying persons that could help the brand reaching the goals. We are living in a big data era therefore, it is important to analyze the above mentioned: analyze your influencer and their data focusing on kpi that are interesting for your project. (for example Instagram kpi).
Note:  probably micro influencer will be more useful than big ones.
For this reason, choosing influencers is hard and long-term work.
Often, they are some hundreds therefore, it is fundamental to know their data to understand who is the right influencer.
Try to understand which hashtags are more effective, which ones have generated more engagement, if ROI is a good value and if people’s feeling  was directed only to the influencer or also to the brand.

In conclusion

Influencer marketing is a fundamental part of a strategic plan. It consists of: finding the right influencer, analyzing costs and measuring their data development.
Note: It is very important to monitor them throughout the process to understand the results and how to optimize them.
Don’t forget that today your audience is easily influenced by the people they trust, this is the reason for this social phenomenon. Do you have identified the right influencers?

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