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Google is going to close Google+ or better, a part of it

It is partially correct, find out more…

Google Plus is going to close because of a bug that exposes many users data to a big risk. According to Wall Street Journal, this bug has been known since months.

Google Plus was born in 2011 and it has never shine too much. Therefore, it is now going to close.

The closing has been announced in these hours in a note from the company of Mountain View because of the discovery of an important bug that could expose 500 thousands of users data to theft.

So, is Google Plus dying?

Pay attention: only final users platform will be closed, not the company area.

However, the closing announcement was not spontaneous. In fact the Wall Street Journal was the first to tell about this Google Plus bug. Also, according to the newspaper, Google knew it since March this year.
The reportage tells about a Google internal document in which the managers were warned about the dangerous damaged reputation if the news would become public.
In March 2018, the Cambrige Analytica scandal that run over Facebook and 87 millions of users implicated became public, and probably Google didn’t want to risk the same fate.
A spokesperson of Google told that they would admit their bug next week but Wall Street Journal has speed up the procedure.
In conclusion: Google Plus will become safer but just for companies.

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