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Storytelling, let us be clear about it

Nowadays, the basis for digital communication is storytelling: let us be clear about it.

Storytelling is the process that tells deep concepts by using codes that anybody knows. I make it easy: it is the process that transmits brand values telling a story.
Do you think it is easy? It is not.

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is the marketing strategy that permits a company to transform his commercial message into a format which is easier to understand by his public. Storytelling is not just to tell a story but to transmit the right information (when you try to tell a story).

Storytelling like a story

Storytelling means to transmit emotions to the public without annoying them but maintaining the momentum. As you know, in the past, telling stories was the only way to transmit wisdom.

How to do storytelling?

Doing “storytelling” in the best possible way is not easy. I am going to give you some advices that will enable you to tell a very interesting story:

Create emotions

The main point of a story is the emotions that arise from the story. Great stories mean great emotions. Use discords, solutions, tensions and mysteries.

Inspire confidence

It is very important that people who listen to your story have faith in the brand, otherwise they can’t believe in the story.

Create a relationship

The public needs to identify himself with the characters of the story. If that happens, people will go with the flow.

Simplicity, yeah!

An easy story is a winner. Delete all that could be unnecessary. Cut events, connect minor characters, reduce mentions and not essential places.

Everything looks so personal!

The user wants to find his moral in your fable. Therefore, don’t tell everything. Instead, leave the interpretation to him.

Full immersion

You have won if: the user gets absorbed by the story and is able to live the experience that you told like the protagonist

Yes it is usual!

The public usually compares new stories with the stories he already knows. Different stories that share an experienced structure will have success.


Corporate Storytelling

The corporate storytelling is a process that involves every business units: from production to the last sales manager

Storytelling successful examples

Some examples to learn from!

This is the storytelling I love: emotions, ideas, metaphors. What do you think about it ? Do you like this storytelling?

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