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Instagram will remove fake like and followers from our accounts

Instagram will remove fake like, followers and accounts!

Instagram wants fight fake comments, followers and like, and will do this removing them from user’s accounts.
Instagram announced yesterday its policy change and it told that “all false like and accounts that are using third-party services to gain more engagement will be deleted because they are violating the guidelines and the platform terms of use”.

New moderation tools

Instagram explained that it has created new moderation tools based on machine learning that will help to identify which accounts are using third part services and it will automatically delete Like, followers and comments.
Any account that has used that services to grow their awareness will be informed with a message that his fake Like have be removed. Instagram will ask to the user to change the password in case the third-party applications have compromised the security of the account.


Influencer and advertising on Instagram

As Instagram has grown into a platform for Influencers and brands that promote their products, many accounts have used these third-party apps to increase their popularity.

Just this week, the New York Times has published a report on the phenomenon known as ” nano-influencer “, people with just 1.000 followers who try to receive free products from companies in exchange for posting on Instagram.
Twitter has also recently started new restrictive policies against bots and fake accounts, but Instagram must focus its efforts to this direction in order to protect its growing advertising business.
Although Instagram has already removed many fake accounts in the past so far it has taken measures against fake like.

According to company’s press release, the platform is planning to take further action against these practices in the coming weeks.

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