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Instagram to launch long videos

Instagram to launch long videos: this is an epochal change.

Are you asking yourself why?

First of all because you don’t become crazy trying to solve the problem of publishing long videos. Today everyone uses tools to publish long videos.
Instagram will make it soon official: users will be able to use long videos.

What do I mean with “soon”?

On 20th June.

In few days we will view and publish long videos on our accounts. Videos that can last up to an hour versus today’s limit of one minute.
Rumours talk about this new function to be applied in stories, a very useful tool that is used by 250 millions of customers.


Don’t have your socks knocked off!
If rumours that I heard are right, Instagram will offer the possibility to insert links into stories: links to other socials, website or eCommerce.
An important step forward for the use of videos in the strategies of digital communication.


If, at first look they may not seem very important, well, I tell you that they are epochal.
Strategically they are a point of no return.
Social strategy pushes consumers to spend more time watching video online rather than on TV or on othersmedia.

So… stay tuned!

Kind Italian Regards!

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