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Instagram Checkout: Selling through Instagram will become easier

A new era begins for Instagram: ecommerce!

Instagram’s first step toward eCommerce was called Instagram Shopping and it was a feature that allowed consumers to go directly to the vendor’s website to complete the purchase.

The result? A difficult shopping experience and few purchases through Instagram, in other words a failure.

Starting from March 2019, Instagram has launched the new Instagram Checkout feature in the United States in the closed beta version which will soon become the great turning point for Instagram in the e-commerce sector.

Instagram Checkout will be a real ecommerce directly on the social network famous for sharing visual content. Users will be able to click on the image of a product, choose quantity and size and complete the payment directly from the app. A order number and a tracking system will then be sent directly to the user.

A real eCommerce!

While I’m talking to you, from my office in Miami, they confirm that only some brands are experiencing this possibility, but this innovation is in my opinion the new era of social commerce. Do you want to find out why?

From the images to the eCommerce

Instagram will change its function, from a simple social network where you can share moments of life through images and videos to multi-brand e-commerce platform, the main emotional marketplace in the world.

The great advantage will be the ease of purchase, the users will no longer have to go through websites or apps but will be able to buy their favorite product directly with a click.

And here comes the beauty…

Contents, the real main actors on Instagram Checkout

The content posted will make the difference, in practice the key to success will be the ability to excite of the photos or videos uploaded.

The Social Content Manager will therefore become a sort of Digital Visual Merchandiser, for which the most important of the engagement metrics will be the conversion of each single content. He must attract the attention of users, invite them to buy.

And here is the greatest evolution in communication strategies, each brand will have to change its approach and push sales further through this innovative channel.

Instagram and the beginning of a new era for brands

In eCommerce strategies, one of the key points is surely the funnel reduction and speeding up the purchasing process, making the products more attractive with just one click from the finalization of the order.

In an eCommerce website, buying an item it is not always so intuitive, either because of the structure of the platform, or because of the many products offered by the brand, often the user experience is not the best: Instagram Checkout could be the solution.

Obviously the brands will have to understand which products can be perfect for this e-commerce solution, because in my opinion not all products could be perfect to online sales through this new channel, an example? Products with lower prices and designed for a quick and impulse purchase will find an excellent sales channel in Instagram Checkout, while products with a higher price and suitable for consumers who prefer to receive more information will have as a preferred platform a website where the user can receive much more details.

What will then happen to eCommerce sites?

Anything! almost. There will surely be, if well structured, the most important platforms for online sales. But if your site doesn’t have a good user interface it could suffer a significant drop in visits and conversions.

You can buy with a fingerprint or simply with a face, you can buy from social networks, an increasingly digital world and with increasing ease and speed of purchase … and is your brand ready?

Kind Italian Regards!

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