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Instagram news: hashtag selector

Hashtag selector

Instagram is the social media for which hashtags are fundamental: we have always had many questions about this.

How many hashtags do I have to insert?

Where shall I put them?

and… what if I insert them in the middle of the text?

and many other questions.

With this update, Instagram will give the users a hashtag selector that will allow them to insert the hashtags in a separated way in relation to the text.

The algorithm will foresee the most pertinent hashtags and will show the users a list of correlated words.

These hashtags are taken from the most popular tags with the function “follow hashtag”.

What are the benefits of this update?

It is very important to understand that the tag is a “label” and not a “spam tool”. The hashtag is useful to classify your images, not to beg for visibility.

An image that is correctly classified will be viewed by many people in a natural way. In fact Instagram will place it in the right place: between  the the interest of the users in the page “Explore” or in the “topic sections”.

This update emphasizes the importance of avoiding generic hashtags that are useless for posts positioning.

Therefore “click baiting hashtag” will not be valid anymore, and Instagram will penalize users that will use them.

This is a great news! I am so happy that I will no longer read texts like: #we #are #social #media #specialists #and #we #help #you

This update is not already available for all users, but It will be soon.. so start to change your old posts…

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