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Cocktail Party Effect for Dummies and why is important in marketing campaigns

The Cocktail party effect happens in situations where there’s so much noise that you can only hear your partner, but when unexpectedly you hear someone saying your name you start to actually hear what the unknown person is speaking about.

In this article we want to study this social psychology theory and its connection with marketing campaigns results. At the end of it you’ll find a carousel/gallery simplifying and summarizing evertything.

So this theory is from the 50’s and still now many Psychology students hear about it as an open door to the studies of selective attentional memory.

Our brain energy and our attention are limited and only when something is very important we’ll deceive it, everything has no relevance to us or our survival does not arrive to our conscious mind.

As a neuromarketing expert I like to reflect on theories and explain the reason why some campaigns works and other don’t.

Well I think it’s very simple: when the ad is so well targeted that speaks directly to the public it has the same effect of someone saying the clients’ name, one by one at a cocktail party… they get all the attention!

And that attention reserved to well made campaigns exclude other campaigns… that were not so focused on the clients.

As said before, here’s a summary of the reasoning, hope to hear your opinion in the comments below and if you want to discover more about me as a professionist: I share content every week on my FB and Instagram pages… see you there!


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