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3 Reasons why as a Brand or Professionist, YOU should HAVE an APP + September Promo

3 reasons why as a brand or professionist you should have and app

3 reasons why as a brand or professionist you should have and app

In this Article you will find 3 (of many more) reasons why your brand, or you as a professionist, can take advantages from a new APP.

At the end of this article you’ll find the promo I reserved for you, only valid in September 2020, for the development of YOUR app (if you already have an e-commerce).


1. Blue Ocean Strategy

Try to enter a new market, a new customer segmentation, that you didn’t consider before.


Don’t think in terms of “we always did that way”, instead try to always innovate, find new customers asking yourself: what is the problem this targeted clients want to solve? And why should they choose me?

One way to amplify your customers is through digitalization, that in many small cities, for example, is something that is still evolving and… If you’ll be the first, you won’t find a saturated market, but instead a blue ocean without competitors.

Wanna know more? Click Here.



2. Content Marketing

Your app not only offers services! With your app you’ll have the possibility to narrate more about your brand: your values, your mission and have your clients being in love with your brand.

You can also insert:

  • Useful and fun graphics that activate your clients to interact
  • Innovative elements such as Augmented Reality.
  • A SEO blog section.

These are only few examples, wanna know more?: Click Here.



3. Funnel & Inbound marketing

As we said before, digitalization has not yes arrived in many small towns and you could be the first to come.

Not only that: you can insert your mobile APP into your funnel & inbound strategies, connect it to your website and all the social media of your brand!

The level of loyalty of your clients can be measured: so you can offer to the most loyal exclusive services and at the same time constantly find new customers to insert in your structured funnel.

The inbound marketing is referring to the fact that:

One hand wash the other and both wash the face


So Social Media, Website and App sponsor each other and the winner is the brand.

Wanna know more about funnel strategies? Click Here.



3 reasons why your brand should have an app

3 reasons why your brand should have an app


As promised, at the end of this article we share our promo for September 2020:


ESCLUSIVELY for brands and professionists that have already an e-commerce (WooCommerce).

We develop for you an app connected to your e-commerce, with push notifications, for only $2225!


Contacts us for all the details:

mail – mb@marcobaldocchi.com


Marco Baldocchi is a worldwide known Neuromarketing expert, that use all his knowledge for his creative agency in Miami all through the process of developing Apps, Managment Softwares, Social media strategies. You’ll find about him all over internet and on his Social media, he shares quality content about neuromarketing, marketing, app development and entrepeneur lifestyle.


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